Inventory Management

OrderStream IMS

The OrderStream IMS application includes two components

  • the web application that provides data management tools to exchange information between the back office and mobile data capture tools.
  • the Android mobile application that runs on Android smart phones or tablets captures product and location and quantity data.

Both applications include the 5 warehouse and inventory management modules:

  • Cyclecount
  • Picking
  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Packing and Shipping

Order Logistics Inc. offers additional Palm based solutions to assist you in conducting physical inventories
and to record inventory movement


Is an application that simplifies and improves the count accuracy when conducting a physical inventory and/or cycle count. The simplicity of design makes the software very easy to use with minimal training.

For single or multiple warehouse applications, Scancount can be setup to enhance the speed of processing.

At any time the user can review and modify each count on the XP30 Janam handheld. At the end of the session, the XP30 Janam handheld scanner can be placed in a cradle or configured for WIFI synchronization to the OrderStream&trade server. The information from multiple scanners can be consolidated and exported in a flat ASCII file format to your back office system. Customized variance reports comparing physical counts to on hand quantities are available.


EMove is an inventory movement application that records inventory transfers from:

  • bin to bin
  • dock to stock
  • truck to warehouse
  • warehouse to truck
  • warehouse or storeroom transfers

EMove can be configured to scan serial numbers, bill of lading numbers or other custom product data as part of the inventory transfer record. The recorded movements can be accessed and reviewed on the XP30 Janam handheld until the information is extracted from the device during synchronization to your back office system.

For an on-line demonstration of OrderStream IMS, Scancount or EMove
contact Lloyd Emmerson at 613-382-5213

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